I have to admit that web forums are a great place to learn. Given enough people looking at the same question, you will eventually get an answer, no matter how tough it is. Even if you get the wrong answer, it will eventually get corrected. Granted there is never any lack of flaming going on. For some reason people just can’t resist telling others how they shouldn’t be offensive, argumentative, yada yada yada. It just amazes me that someone feels the need to ague with someone over the net they will never meet, just to try to get their point across. Whatever, we’ve all seen it time and time again and personally I’ve just grown numb to it. (my mouse wheel speed scroll technique and browser back button also seem to help)

There is one forum phenomenon that really gets me jacked up though…

I search for a topic in a particular forum and get a nice long listing of related posts. Awesome, surely I’ll find my answer here! First listing, someone asking a question on exactly the same topic that I searched. The reply… “This has been discussed a number of times in these forums. Use the search facility.” Ok, clearly other people are wondering about the same thing I am. Next post, “the subject has been throughly discussed in these forums.” Ok, I’m starting to see a trend here. Next, “I have several posts pertaining to this in this forum and some of the others.” Next, “This question has already been answered many times.” ERRRR!!! Now I’m getting pissed. Next, “I posted a reply in this forum on xx/xx/xxxx about the topic.” Ok, sweet finally. So I search for the author and date posted and what do you think I get? “If you go back through the posts you will find a wealth of information on this topic.”

At this point I’m about ready to put my fist through the wall. Hey, news flash jerk off, if you keep posting irrelevant postings about how the question was already answered many times, you are making it harder to search for the solution! Hence, you are inherently going to get more questions about the topic because no one can find the answer. In this particular case I actually went through every single result in the search listing and never found a single answer to the question.

You know what, in the future either post the answer, a link to the answer, your “magical search string” that actually turns up the answers, or just keep your hands off the keyboard. This goes for all you uber-3lit3 wastes of space that like to continually post RTFM as an answer as well. Nobody cares that the question has been asked x number of times before. They care that the question has been answered x number of times before and here is exactly where you can find all those answers.


~ by thejaundicedmonocle on February 20, 2008.

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