The Jaundiced Monocle was created both as an outlet for ranting and as a scratch pad for ideas. There is no theme per se, but typical content relates to engineering, technology, law, politics, human rights and religion. The humor here is generally tougue-in-cheek and sarcastic yet witty, seasoned with a small dose of shock factor for added flavor. Welcome aboard the dysphemism treadmill!

– keystoneclimber

Disclaimer: Some of the things you see here WILL offend certain people. If you find yourself in this situation, the best recourse is to separate yourself from this media. The Jaundiced Monocle may become habit forming and you will need a means to prevent yourself from repeat exposure. May I suggest one of two methods depending on your type of internet connection:

– Wired: Cut the ethernet cable to prevent reinsertion and relapse scenarios. If you lack wire cutters, you may be able to get a pet dog to chew through the cable by first smearing it in peanut butter.

– Wireless: Inject sufficient noise into your WIFI signal such that it prevents connection. The proper frequency is somewhere near 2.4GHz. This is actually quite easy to do using a common household item, the microwave. Simply insert your wireless access point into the microwave and run continuously until you develop sufficient tolerance to handle The Jaundiced Monocle in large doses.


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